Electric Bed Mover

Move hospital beds safely and efficiently

The GZS Bed Mover allows one person to effortlessly move heavy hospital beds. The motorized unit operates equally well with or without a patient– simplifying the task of moving beds or patients between wings, units, departments, OR and patient rooms. This allows the transporter to focus on the needs of the patient during transport.

  • Capacity over 1300 pounds- more than a half ton!
  • Move bed with or without patients
  • Move safely and efficiently
  • Simple hitching - quiet, fast and efficient
  • Non marking tires suitable for indoor use
  • Quiet, smooth operation with zero emissions
  • Intuitive and simple to operate

The nearly silent motorized unit is able move a hospital bed up or down ramps, over carpet, into elevators, and around tight corners. With a capacity of 600kg (approximately 1320 lbs) it has the capacity to move common hospital beds and stretchers.


The GZS bed mover has easy to use controls including:

    • Key start
    • Twist grip variable speed control
    • Safety Horn
    • Emergency Stop Button
    • Operator Safety Bar

The GZS's compact design, effortless maneuverability and ability to attach to most any bed or stretcher allows for safe and efficient management of a fleet of beds or stretchers within a healthcare environment.