Facility Equipment

Duracell General Duty Battery

General Duty Battery

All Replacement Batteries!


 From Button Batteries to 

 Large AGM Batteries 

And Everything In-between 


 Batteries for most any application:

Emergency lights, exit lights 

Flashlights, power tools, 2 way radios,  

Plumbing fixtures, hand towels, door locks, 

Alarms, security systems, surge protector,  

UPS uninterrupted power supply, 

Hospital beds, medical devices,

Patient lifts, wheel chairs, scooters

Laptop Computers, cell phones

Utility vehicles


Call with the size, type, terminals, quantity and application.   

We’ll provide a quality replacement at a great price.

Emergency Battery, Hospital Bed Battery

Powersonic Battery

All types of batteries:

Disposable batteries,

Rechargeable batteries,

Alkaline batteries,

SLA Sealed lead acid batteries,

NiCd Nickel Cadmium batteries,

Lithium batteries,

AGM batteries,

Coin cell batteries