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Caster wheels are available in literally thousands of sizes, types, and styles. Your wheel selection should be based upon a number of factors including the weight the caster wheel must carry, the floor material where the caster wheel will be used, the environment where the caster wheel will be used, the rolling ease required, the amount of abuse the wheel will receive, the amount of floor protection required, the quietness desired, the preferred bearing, and other factors specific to your application.  The caster wheel you choose will greatly impact the caster performance and your overall satisfaction with the caster wheel. 

Most of our customers require one of the caster wheels listed below.  These caster wheels are available in a variety of sizes and with a variety of bearings.  Often the bearing in the caster wheel can be changed to suit your need.  Typical bearings include roller bearings, precision ball bearings, Delrin® bearings, tapered bearings, and stainless steel bearings.  If you have a specific bearing requirement, be sure to mention it when you place your order.